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Have you just been offered to work in a remote location? Or are you planning on requesting a remote position from your employer? Are you already part of a virtual team? Or are you interested in learning some good techniques to working remotely? Well you have come to the right place.

Virtual Office Training is a training program that is customized for your overall success in the virtual workplace. The workplace has changed, and it is imperative that we learn techniques and strategies to keep up with this change.

Virtual Office Training is designed for administrative assistants, office managers, telecommuters, mobile workers, business owners and all other professionals who are planning on, or who are currently working in remote locations such as telecommuting centers or from their home offices. This training program is customized and delivered through web-based technology with question and answer sessions and worksheets. Learning topics include, but not limited to:

  • Technology requirments to be successful.
  • How to create a benefits driven proposal.
  • How to stay visible when working in a remote location.
  • Time Managment Skills.
  • Virtual Office Organization.
  • Creating Trust.

  • Monica assists organizations and business professionals in making successful transitions to the virtual workplace. She focuses on the individuals goals and needs in making working remotely successful.

    If you are ready for training, please click the button below.

    With much success,
    Monica Poe, MVA, GVA
    President/Founder and Certified Master Virtual Assistant