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Marketing Consulting and Lean Management Consulting Services in Quad Cities Rock Island

MoPoe & Associates offers Marketing Consulting and Lean Management Consulting Services for your specific business size or type. Our consultants provide the expertise you need to market, operate, and run your company successfully. We provide services in Rock Island, Illinois, Moline, Illinois, Davenport, Iowa, Bettendorf, Iowa, the surrounding Quad Cities areas and virtually throughout the U.S.

Small Business Marketing Consulting

For any business to succeed, they must have a marketing plan to grow. However, small businesses require a different approach than any other business. We understand that for a small business to thrive they need a consistent process to generate income. Our small businesses consulting services help you implement the right processes to generating income.

Start-up Business Marketing Consulting

As a start-up business you have many questions and many hats to wear. For start-up business you need your marketing to be effective coming out of the gate, by knowing your product or service well and knowing who your target market is. Our start-up businesses consulting services will help you with your marketing plan and help you identify your target market.

Lean Management Consulting | Lean Manufacturing | Six-Sigma

We implement Six Sigma & Lean Manufacturing approach to reduce waste and streamline operations in your company’s business processes. Often times eliminating waste can mean moving processes or man power to other needed areas within the company.

We provide effective organizational business services, strategic planning and operational assessments to reduce clients cost by focusing on the most common areas of escaped capital and eliminate them. We work with small to mid-size and large companies.

How is Lean value added? Companies of varying backgrounds can be found implementing Lean as a vehicle to improve product quality, delivery performance, and reduce cost. In parallel many organizations also find themselves reaping the benefits of increased employee satisfaction through true empowerment that lean provides. Lean organizations deliver high quality at the lowest cost with the shortest lead time.

  • *Continuous Process Improvement
  • *Lean Manufacturing
  • *Lean Management
  • *Lean Six Sigma
  • *Supplier Approval Measurement Program

Download our Lean Management & Manufacturing glossary of terms below to get a better understanding.

Lean Office Management | Office Process Improvement

The implementation of Lean Management-Six Sigma is not just for the manufacturing shop floor or warehouse. The office processes must also be ran by using the methodologies of lean. Unfortunately, in many organizations improvements in the office function are often ignored as long as the company is increasing profits. But, to truly maximize long term company stability, the office processes must have a big picture Lean Management view.

The big picture, “Lean Office View,” improves employee morale, and also takes into account waste created through overburden. This can also eliminate waste created through unevenness in work-loads.

Most companies barriers to overcome:

  • *Past success has bred arrogance.
  • *Reliance on trial and error problem solving. (Also called one-factor-at-a-time (OFAT) analysis).
  • *Reward office fire-fighting behavior.
  • *Ownership/Management improper thinking: High turnover of employees is okay as long as the company is making money.
  • *Little focus on office quality improvement measurements.

Effective Lean Six Sigma requires a systematic approach that involves the entire management system. Lean Six Sigma involves a culture change that must be implemented from a central location. Want to go lean? Contact us for a FREE Consultation.