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The Flexible Work-Life Guidebook
A Practical Guide to Obtaining the Work That Works for You

By Monica L. Poe - Certified Master Virtual Assistant and Virtual Expert

The Flexible Work-Life- A Practical Guide to Obtaining the Work That Works for You

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Work-Life Flexibility from entrepreneurship to flexibility as an employee is on the top of the minds of many workers, due to the increasing demands on life and due to our recent economy. And organizations both large and small have recognized that by creating flexible work options not only benefits today’s diverse workforce, but also benefits the employers as well, and improves their bottom line.

In this easy to read guidebook, Certified Master Virtual Assistant & Virtual Expert, Monica Poe guides you through the alternative ways to have a flexible work-life in today’s new work environment. Monica has worked a variety of flexible work-life options throughout her working career and her latest as a virtual entrepreneur.

If you need a flexible work arrangement, want to explore some virtual work options, or just want to discover the many flexible work alternatives, then this book is for you.

  • *Discover a variety of flexible work-life options.
  • *Explore working remotely.
  • *Learn how to create a benefit rich flexible work proposal.
  • *Discover if entrepreneurship is for you.

This guidebook is set-up into six sections, with templates, worksheets, and note pages at the end of each section for you to write down important details and information regarding your flexible work strategy. It also contains additional information under Words From a Virtual Professional in regards to home based business tips, business contingency plans, cloud computing, business and office etiquette, and administrative assisting and virtual assistance.

  • *Section One: Work-Life Flexibility
    Understand what work-life flexibility is all about and discover the many flexible work-life alternatives.

  • *Section Two: The Flexible Employee
    Discover how you can take your current position and create one that is flexible for you.

  • *Section Three: It's All About the Presentation
    Learn techniques to present your flexible work option to your supervisors or managers that will get their attention.

  • *Section Four: Becoming an Entrepreneur
    Discover if entrepreneurship is for you and if it is, join the millions in the U.S. alone.

  • *Section Five: Plan the Work. Work the Plan.
    Discover tips to develop your business plan to create the income you need.

  • *Section Six: Your Next Steps
    Develop your next steps to gain the balance and success you want.

  • *Words From a Virtual Professional
    Get tips on running a home based business, contingency plans, cloud computing, business and office etiquette, and administrative assisting and virtual assistance from Monica.

  • *Resources
    Take a look at some helpful resources to get you started on your journey.

What Others Have To Say

"Monica’s book, The Flexible Work-Life, has revealed a new range of career possibilities for my students. Each chapter provides a realistic look at flexible work options and requirements from both the employer and employee perspective. The worksheet questions at the end of each chapter provide students with an opportunity to assess their personal interests and weigh the pros and cons of the choices that are needed in order to create their ideal work environment. It motivates students to explore career options that can add quality, contentment, and joy to their professional lives."

Melette Pearce, Instructor
Department of Business Computer Applications, & Technology Education
Black Hawk College

Your Price: $21.95
ISBN-13: 978-0-615-87788-4

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