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By TODD L. POE - Purchasing Executive, Business Strategist & Trainer

How to Deal with the Price Wars is a one of a kind sales and marketing training program from a Purchasing/Supply Management Professional and Decision Maker. Todd L. Poe, Purchasing Executive, Business Strategist and Trainer, who is also creator of the Resourceful Buying Network (RBN) has a unique and highly effective training system designed for CEO's, CFO's, sales managers, and sales professionals who want to retain their existing accounts, grow their business with new accounts and need help with price objections.

Learn how to make your quotes and information speak the right language to all viewers. Learn six major steps to help you stay competitive without compromising your current price structure and protect your company profits.

  • Step (1): How to be prepared for the price attack before you meet the Purchasing/Decision-Maker.
  • Step (2): How to respond to the Purchasing/Decision-Maker at the moment of attack.
  • Step (3): How to take control of the Sales Conversation and move it from price to Successful Sales Matrix.
  • Step (4): How to stay true to your mission and objectives during these price wars.
  • Step (5): How to find customers who value what you do and not just price alone.
  • Step (6): How to make your quotes speak for you when you are not present to speak.

Todd will use his unique customized reference book to help you stay competitive and help you to focus on what you do best without compromising your current price structure. His approach will also help you be more in-line with the purchasing/supply management professional and/or decision maker in dealing with the price objections. This training program will be customized to fit your overall needs of your organization and delivered to you on-site in a half day session.

*What others had to say about "How to Deal with the Price Wars" Training!*

"MoPoe & Associates' How to Deal with the Price Wars training is powerful and provided tremendous value to our organization's sales strategy. It speaks from a top level purchasing supply management professional and/or the decision-maker. This training maximizes our company strengths, minimizes our weaknesses and re-enforces our organization to stay true to our values and our mission. This process helps us to maintain business, gain new business from your existing accounts and attract new business customers. It also helped us to develop or enhance a specific target market of new clients or customers who value our services without compromising our current price structure."

Collin Carney, President
Great Western Supply Company

"The training was very informative. It brings all sales people together and informs them of the many aspects dealing with the price wars. It also helps to unify a company's sales force by giving them strategic processes to deal with the price wars. The price wars workbook is a nice tool because it gives you written reminders on things learned."

Sales Professional Attendee