Gifts By MoPoe - Specialty Themed Gift Baskets for Business and Corporate Gifting in Rock Island, IL (Quad Cities)

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At MoPoe & Associates we believe a simple gift and a warm smile can brighten someone's day more than you know. Gifts are a happy expression for any occasion, even if the occasion is "Just Because." Gifting is a great way to show appreciation, stay engaged and strengthens your relationships.

Gifts by MoPoe creates specialty themed gift baskets for your Business and Corporate Gifting Program. We also provide gourmet foods, custom gift bags for your corporate convention or special event, and provide a gift basket fundaising program for your non-profit organization. We are located in Rock Island, Il (Quad Cities), which sits across the Mississippi River from Davenport & Bettendorf, IA.

Business and Corporate Gift Basket Services - (Office and Client Gifts)

We specialize in making custom theme gift baskets for your clients, colleagues, employees, or for your students. Our themed gift baskets are ideal for any occasion such as Just Because, Administrative Professional's Day, Bosses Day, or just to say a special "Thank You" or "Congratulations" on a job well done. We also provide local hand delivery to businesses in the Rock Island, IL Quad Cities Illinois and Iowa areas with custom orders. Take a look at some of our custom gift baskets we created under our gift basket picture gallery.

Custom Gift Baskets Handmade in the Quad Cities Illinois & Iowa Area

Our custom gift baskets are handmade right here in Rock Island, IL the Quad Cities Illinois and Iowa area which is known for some of the best gourmet food, art, farmers markets, and minor league sports. Contact us for your consultation in customizing and creating that perfect themed gift basket for your clients, colleagues, employees, or students. Or you may select from our signature themed gift baskets (a few of them are shown below) and gifts by clicking the shop all gifts button below. Your promotional items can also be added to our signature themed gift baskets and gifts as well, on our shop all gifts page.

Personalized and Customized Gift Baskets

We personalize and customize your gift basket to your liking. We can include your own items to reflect your brand and promotional items such as logo merchandise or samples you may have. And if you would like to add a personal note or message to your gift basket, we can do that too. Contact us today for more details at (563) 265-1362.

Specialty themed gift basket - Gifts by MoPoe
Themed Gift Basket
Personalize your themed gift basket by adding your logo merchandise or samples.
Add your own promotional items.
Add Promotional Items
Add promotional items to keep your brand in front of your clients and to create awareness.
Wrapped gift basket - Gifts by MoPoe
Handmade in the Quad Cities
Our gift baskets are handmade right here in the Quad Cities Illinois and Iowa area.

Corporate Convention & Special Event Gift Bags

We can also create and customize gift bags for your corporate convention or special event. We can add your promotional items, gourmet foods, and other gifts to your attendee gift bags. Contact us today for a design consultation (563) 265-1362.

Corporate Event Bags - Gifts by MoPoe
Customized Gift Bags
Our gift bags are customized to your corporate or special event.
Add your own gourmet food item.
Add Gourmet Food Items and Other Gifts
Add gourmet food and other gifts to your gift bag for your attendees.
Customized Gift Bags for Special Events - Gifts by MoPoe
Personalized to Your Company Brand.
Personalize your gift bags by adding your company's personal brand.

Gift Basket Fundraising Program for Non-Profit Organizations

At MoPoe & Associates we understand that fundraising is an important part of your non-profit organization. That is why we provide a way to bring warmth to your recipients’ hearts and profits to your 501C tax exempt status non-profit organization, with our gift basket fundraising program. With our gift basket fundraising program, you can receive gift baskets at a discounted rate and resell them at the desired price your organization chooses.

Our gift basket fundraising program is good for:

  • *Raffles
  • *Live & Silent Auctions
  • *Fundraising Events and More!

We can also customize a gift basket to fit your fundraising needs. Contact us to discuss your fundraising goals.