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By TODD L. POE - Purchasing Executive, Business Strategist & Trainer

Who should take this training?

  • If your company has ever lost a sales account, this program is for you.

How will it benefit your organization?

  • This program goes hand-in-hand with your current internal sales process.
  • Learn to think and speak the way the decision-maker does for long-term account success.
  • Learn how to make your qoutes communicate effectively when you are not present.
  • Learning this system will help you stay competitive. (Retain and grow your business.)
  • Learn what the decision-maker really want and need from their suppliers.

"Keeping and Managing Your Sales Accounts is a one of a kind sales accounts management training program from a High level Purchasing/Supply Management Professional and Decision-Maker. Todd L. Poe, Purchasing Executive, Business Strategist and Trainer, and creator of The Resourceful Buying Network (RBN) has a unique and highly effective training system designed for Sales Directors, Sales Managers, and Sales Professionals (Sales Force).

Learn six major steps towards keeping and managing your sales accounts, all from a High Level Purchasing/Supply Management Professional and Decision-Maker.

  1. Learn Cost Containment Strategies and the effective use of them as a Sales Professional.
  2. Learn ways to avoid becoming a casualty of a company's supplier base reduction movement.
  3. Learn how to use an effective Decision-Makers Customer Relationship Management (DMCRM) system.
  4. Learn how to build a winning sales team from the decision-maker.
  5. Learn how to make sure that your company's internal processes are customer friendly.
  6. Learn how to make your quotes and literature communicate effectively to the decision-maker, executive committee, and board of directors when you are not present to speak.

Keeping and Managing Your Sales Accounts Reference Book This training program is customized to fit the overall needs of your organization. Training includes a customized reference book for each attendee and refresher reference materials for your ongoing continued use.