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Cost Cutting Without Reducing Staff
*Reduce the Cost. Retain the Staff!*

By TODD L. POE - Purchasing Executive, Business Strategist & Trainer

Cost Cutting Without Reducing Staff

Cost Cutting Without Reducing Staff is a course designed for Business Owners and Management Staff who want to explore more creative and effective ways to cut costs without eliminating valuable employees. Learn how to use a commodity management system that will help you to look for and maintain cost reductions in your expense line items no matter what the economic outlook is.

  • (1): Commodity Evaluation Techniques.
  • (2): Commodity Reduction or Restructure formulas that can improve your bottom line.
  • (3): Methodologies to track those Cost Reductions.
  • (4): How to Create and Maintain a Cost Savings Program.

This 21 page suggestions book provides ideas and incite on ways to reduce expenses without eliminating needed employees. This can be very critical to the success of your business. Employees are the strongest assets to help you achieve your business goals.

Learn the methodologies on how to evaluate, simplify and when needed, consolidate each commodity without eliminating your valuable employees.

Suggestions Book (21 pages) Combo - $29.95

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