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By TODD L. POE - Purchasing Executive, Business Strategist & Trainer

Getting the Attention of the Decision-Maker is a one of a kind sales and marketing training from a Purchasing/Supply Management Professional and Decision Maker. Todd L. Poe, Purchasing Executive, Business Strategist and Trainer, who is also creator of the Resourceful Buying Network (RBN) has a unique and highly effective training system for business professionals, sales people, and sales managers.

Learn how to move through the four levels of successful selling to get the decision makers attention and close the sale onsite at your facility to increase dollars to your bottom line.

  • Level (1): How to move from Cold Call to Sales Call.
  • Level (2): How to move from Sales Call to Approved Key Supplier.
  • Level (3): How to move from Approved Key Supplier to Supplier Partnership Status.
  • Level (4): How to Maintain Supplier Partnership Status.

Todd will use his unique Guidebook to help you accomplish your goals of successful selling. His training focus is on areas in which the decision-maker is looking and will help your team be more effective. His approach will also help you be more in line with the purchasing/supply management professional and/or decision maker. Training can be customized to fit your overall needs.

trainined in supplier partnerships sales training certificate

Upon completion of the Getting the Attention of the Decision-Maker Training, you will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate will recognize that you have been trained in supplier partnerships.

*What others had to say about "Getting the Attention of the Decision-Maker" Training!*

"I have been in sales, sales management and marketing management for over 30 years. In that time, I have sold to and worked with many of the largest and most successful companies throughout the United States. As a supplier, I have sold to and worked with Mr. Todd Poe for the past two years.

Todd brings the level of sophistication to the purchasing, supply chain management process that I have experienced at these other successful companies. With his wealth of knowledge and practical hands-on experience, Todd has created a professional system of purchasing and supply chain management. He offers the knowledge and experience of how to successfully navigate the purchasing and supply chain system at any company through his class.

If you are interested in improving your skills in moving through the four levels of sales professional status within your accounts or if you simply want to learn how to improve your efforts in sales or marketing, I encourage you to take Todd's class. The enthusiasm, knowledge and experience that Todd brings to this class will help mold you into a more effective sales and marketing professional."

Bill Mateski
Retired Business Owner and Longterm Sales Executive

*What others had to say about "Getting the Attention of the Decision-Maker" Training!*

"I have been involved with sales for the better part of 30 years giving that time, I have attended many sales seminars and have taken at least two or three sales courses at the college level. In talking with Todd about his online sales course "Getting the Attention of the Decision-Maker". I feel that he has hit on the most important aspects of successful selling. He has cut through the fat and gotten down to the meat. I would highly recommend Todd's course."

Tom Creen
Sales Consultant - AmSan and Janitorial Business Owner