3 Sincere Methods for Selling without Selling for Business Owners & Sale Professionals
By Todd L. Poe

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Recently, my wife and I were cruising through a car dealership lot, just getting some ideas on what features and styles we like or dislike for our future car purchase. We were about to drive out of the parking lot, when all of a sudden a salesman comes out of the building and lays down on the ground in front of our moving vehicle. Lucky for him, my wife was driving really slow.

It was a bold move, and he was a really nice salesman. We talked a minute about what we were doing and then we were on our way. However, after leaving I thought to myself. Would this type of tactic make me buy a vehicle? No. Not at all.

No one likes a pushy salesman. As consumers, most of us like to make our purchases after educating ourselves and when we are comfortable and ready, without high pressure sales. So how can business owners and sale professionals sell without being pushy? Take a look at these 3 sincere methods for selling without selling.

#1. Take sincere interest in the potential client's expressed needs and concerns.

Your main concern as a business owner or sales professional should be to give the customer what he needs at the precise time he needs it. The only way you can do this is to sincerely ask questions if possible to find out what their needs are whether present or future.

#2. Provide sound methods to meet those concerns and also look for practical ways to assist them.

Educate them fully on the product or service that they are interested in and if possible, give them a few options or variations of each. Make sure you highlight the benefits and how the suggestions will improve or solve the problem they are experiencing if any. If they have time, you may want to demonstrate or show how your product or service will work.

#3. Explain the complete sales and service process after they make a decision to buy.

Make sure you provide them with the information and process of what happens after they decide to purchase. For example, if the purchase is a vehicle, explain to them what warranty they will receive or if they get free gas for a year (which would be nice). Another example, if the purchase is cloud software, explain to them what training or support they will receive afterwards. And of course, do not forget to give them your name and contact information if they have further questions.

Try these sincere methods for selling without selling if you haven’t already. You may be surprised as to how many deals you close whether present or future.

About Todd L. Poe

Todd L. Poe is a is a Business Partner and Strategist for MoPoe & Associates, a Growth Strategies, Training & Business Support Company. MoPoe & Associates specializes in Technology and Marketing Solutions with a focus on helping clients with their behind the scenes marketing, visibility, and growth strategies that are essential. Todd is also a Purchasing Executive. He teaches business owners, CEO’s, and sales professionals the art of selling from the other side of the desk and how to get the decision-makers attention.

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